Administrative Divisions

Erbil Governorate Comprises Ten Districts:

• Erbil’s central district; located in a plain area surrounded by hills from the east and by the higher Zab River from the west.

• Dashti Hawler; located in a plain and wide area surrounding at the east by a range of hills and valleys and by Erbil, the capital, at the west.

• Khabat district; located on the main road between Erbil and Mosul. The center of this district looks directly on Zab River, which is an important agricultural and industrial region.

• Shaqlawa district; located at the foot of Safeen Mount in a vast valley covered by dense forests and orchards.

• Soran district; located in a semi-plain area and surrounded by Mount Zozouzk at the north, Mount Cork from the south and Mount Hendrin from the east.

• Koya district; enjoys an important geographical location between three major cities (Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk and Erbil), bordered at the east and south by wer Zab river bottom, Mount Hept Sultan at the north-east and embraced by Mount Bawage at the west.

• Mirga Sur district; located in the far northern border of Erbil, at the Turkish-Iraqi-Iranian border triangle, which is very rugged mountainous area.

• Choman district; located at the Iraqi-Iranian border, north of Erbil, of a mountainous nature and through which passes the international road to Iran via Haj Omran border.

• Rawandoz district; the oldest districts in Erbil, located at the foot of a rocky mountain surrounded by towering mountain ranges and deep valleys.

• Makhmor district; located at the south of Erbil, on a plain area.