Strategic Objectives Plan

Regarding the Strategic Objectives Plan:

The strategic development plans for the Governorate for the years (2016 – 2018) form a step towards comprehensive development and growth in the governorate, within the framework of the international model for socio-economic transformation

The strategic objectives of the Governorate are long term, and will remain suitable for the phase after 2018, taking into consideration the necessity of their review at the time of updating the strategic plan for a subsequent period

The strategic objectives of the Governorate and the performance indicators of each objectives are linked to the strategic aims of the Kurdistan Vision 2020, and to the system of developmental indicators set by the Ministry of Planning in Iraqi Kurdistan

Achieving any strategic objective of the Governorate directly contributes to achieving one of Kurdistan’s aims, and indirectly to achieving all aims.
Each strategic objective is achieved through implementing a number of interventions “projects/policies/procedures”, which fall under six main programs classified according to the type of intervention and its desired impact. They are : 1) Legislations Amendment, 2) Restructuring and Management. 3)

Human Resources Development, 4) Research and Development, 5) Awareness and Media, and 6) Technical Projects Related to the Objective.

Following a methodology for classifying interventions/projects under work programs enables the Governorate from maintaining and analyzing the allocated and spent budget for each program individually, and for each objective individually. This facilitates Results Oriented Budgeting adopted by developed

Districts in managing and implementing their budgets.

Each strategic objective has a follow up card that illustrates the objective’s definition, the performance indicators that will be used for the purposes of evaluating and following up on progress, the set of interventions falling under each program and objective, in addition to the assumptions related to the objective and the data required to measure progress and their source.

Objectives cards are used by each Development Management Unit/ Strategic Management Unit, for the purposes of following up on progress and preparing follow up and evaluation reports.