Map of Strategic Goals

• Projects included in Erbil’s Strategic Development Plan, (2016-2018) are a step on the way of comprehensive development within the framework of the global model of social-economic transformation.

• Erbil’s Strategic Goals are on the long-term and will remain appropriate post-2018 considering that they will be validated upon updating the plan for another period afterwards.

• Erbil’s Strategic Goals and performance indicators for each goal are linked to the strategic goals of Kurdistan Vision 2020 and the developmental indicators system set by the Ministry of Planning in the Region.

• The sixth strategic goal of Erbil, “Adoption of a sophisticated crisis management system” is linked to the other five goals.

• Achieving any of Erbil’s Strategic Goals will directly contribute to the achievement of one of the Region goals and indirectly to the achievement of all goals.

• Each strategic goal can be realized by implementing a number of interventions “projects/policies/ procedures”, which fall under six major programs depending on the quality of intervention and the desired effect. These programs are: 1) Legislation amendment, 2) Restructuring and management, 3) Human resources development, 4) Studies and research, 5) Awareness and media, and 6) Goal-related technical projects program.

• Adopting the classification methodology of interventions/projects in work programs enables Erbil to study and analyze the allocated and disbursed budget for each program and each goal separately. This approach will facilitate application of the result oriented budgeting process, which developed countries adopts in managing and implementing their budget.

• Each strategic goal has a follow-up scorecard describing the goal and performance indicators that will be used for monitoring and evaluating the achievement, group of interventions listed under each program and each goal, the hypotheses specific to the goal, and data required to measure the progression and their source.

• The Development Unit/ Strategic Management Unit uses goals scorecards for monitoring the progression and development of monitoring and evaluation reports.