Foreword Letter by Erbil's Governor (Chairman of the Steering Committee)

Ladies and Gentlemen

With all the pride, we are pleased and honored to put in your hands today The summary for our hard work and our sincere efforts and during the previous two years Which yielded prepare a document of the Strategic Plan of the province of Erbil for years (2016-2018) Where it serves as the compass that will determine our direction and the road map that we go, in the coming years.

In this Perspective and to achieve the objectives of the Kurdistan region, the development strategies was built based on the Vision 2020 of the Kurdistan region to complete this vision, we must raise the quality of public services provided and the consolidation of institutional public work and enrich government policy and ensure its stability in accordance with the clear vision and specific plan of action to address the various challenges.

To achieve this, we are referring to the importance of this work based on a participatory approach intellectual of the various committees and technical teams and that was the greatest attention to put a strategic path focused on the temporal stages of social transformation – economic in the province of Erbil within the strategic directions for the Kurdistan region in the coming years where this path focused on strategic priorities within the time periods of successive and consecutive starting with the promotion of the elements of the institutional efficiency of all government institutions and ending with the achievement of the complementary and competitive in the government services and the foundations of development. The Social and economic transformation program focuses on programs that enhance productivity when citizens in various spheres of life, Which coincides with the improvement of basic services for citizens of the health and education and operating, These services will be start in the major projects of basic infrastructure, water, electricity, roads Based on a true and clear partnership with the private sector and investors.

In order to promote this path, we must define the objectives and a clear strategy with a specific time frame. Inclusive of all economic and social sectors, we have focused in our targets on the human resource for the preparation, development and processing, which is considered the main driver for all other sectors.





Nozad Hadi Mawlood
Erbil Governor
Chairman of the Steering Committee to prepare
Strategic Development Plan of the province of Erbil