Strategic Goal

Upgrading the level of infrastructure by improving the level of water and sanitation, electricity, public transport, communications and housing services, in addition to reducing the volume of waste in public facilities.


Challenges and Corrective Interventions:




Policies to be adopted by the Province to Achieve the Goal:

1. Giving priority to environment-friendly infrastructure projects.
2. Encourage partnerships between public and private sectors
3. Encouraging specialized companies that are implementing technically-sophisticated infrastructure bids
to include local staff in their projects to raise the efficiency of local staff in terms of modern methodolo
gies and techniques.
4. Allocating a budget for scholarships for Erbil staff, municipalities’ staff in particular, to developed
countries in environment-friendly infrastructure management; such as Japan and Germany.
5. Encouraging donors to provide support and grants in environmental areas; e.g. solid waste
management, hazardous waste and waste from factories and improved rural sanitation projects, so as
to cover the district’s outskirts.


Required Legislative Improvements:

1. Passing laws regulating water sector and ensuring environmental protection.
2. Reviewing electricity laws with a view to reduce waste and recover costs.
3. Passing a law for public transport.


Proposed Project(s) to the Regional Government:

1. Restructuring water and electricity sectors and studying the tariff and losses.
2. Establishing new power generation plants and improving distribution efficiency from existing plants.
3. Preparing a structure and a comprehensive system of public transport.
4. Developing and restructuring the Environment Protection and Improvement Agency.
5. Improving the competencies of public sector cadres; technicians in particular.