Strategic Goal

Human Resources Development; in Terms of Education, Training and Competencies.


Challenges and Corrective Interventions:



Policies to be Adopted by the Governorate to Achieve the Goal:

1. Adopting an appointment policy according to efficiency and job requirements.
2. Allocating the necessary sources to build staff capacities and generalizing the concept of “the governorate is a continuous learning institution”.


Required Legislative Improvements:

1. Amendment of the central university admissions policy.
2. Issuing a law to establish a council for labor and education in addition to vocational training, with a major participation of the private sector.
3. Establishing a council for scientific research with representation from both public and private sectors, issuing a law in this regard with wide powers.
4. Reviewing and modifying the legislation governing the labor market and the investment law to encourage acquiring jobs in the private sector.
5. Studying and developing instructions on the supervision and educational and psychological counseling and following-up their application in the region.


Proposed Project(s) to the Regional Government:

1. Implementing an integrated national program on the long-term for the reformation of the primary, higher and vocational education, adjusting their inputs and measuring their outputs in accordance with global methodologies that enable comparison on a global level.
2. Restructuring public sector institutions, preparing job descriptions, assessing competencies and their compliance with job requirements and preparing institutional guides necessary to ensure to ensure institutionalizing knowledge and work.
3. Implementing a comprehensive national program to eliminate e-literacy and teach English language to public sector employees.