Strategic Goal

Enhancing the level of contribution to the economic and investment sectors by employing available natural and other resources.


Challenges and Corrective Interventions:


Policies to be adopted by the governorate to achieve the goal:
1. Encouraging investment projects serving Erbil’s development priorities
2. Seeking to provide economic databases
3. Encouraging studies dealing with the economic challenges in Erbil, including the gap between the
    private sector needs and available labor competencies

Required Legislative Improvements:
1. Setting up fund(s) to finance micro, small and medium enterprises at Region level with branches in every
2. Studying and developing investment laws to ensure investments sustainable growth.
3. Studying the possibility of making legislative amendments within the powers of the Region that would
    develop the financial and banking sector in the Region and investments’ service.

Proposed Project(s) to the Regional Government:
1. Studying the support provided to the agriculture sector and its organization, along with increasing the
    ceiling allotted thereof to ensure supporting the projects and products with future development potential.
2. Preparing a comprehensive survey of the natural resources available in the Region; above and in the
    ground, indicating the feasibility of investing thereof.
3. Creating a unified investment window for investors’ services, including:
    A. Restructuring the institutions concerned with economic growth
    B. Re-engineering operations and public services to save time and reduce errors
    C. Designing the infrastructure necessary to apply the unified window including its electronic services
    D. Building capacity of concerned government staff and e-literacy to enable managing the window.
4. Preparing industrial map of the industries at the level of the Ministry of Industry and Trade
5. Conducting a study of the natural resources available in the Region above and in the ground, indicating
    the types of available natural resources, their expected quantities and the feasibility of investment thereof.
6. Implementing radical reforms to education sector to develop the quality of education and improve
    alignment of outputs thereof with market requirements.