Foreword Letter by Sulaymaniyah's Governor (Chairman of the Steering Committee)

The target point is the goal when shooting the arrow.

Achieving our Vision for Al Sulaymaniyah Governorate is our goal.

From this perspective, the developed strategic plan will lead us to the achievement of our goal. This strategic plan is the arrow we will use to hit our goal
Through the implementation of the three phases of the strategic plan (2016-2018) which includes the components necessary to confirm the durability of the plan to ensure a bright future for our governorate. Therefore, we divided work phases in the strategic plan as follows:

• 2015 – 2016: phase of preparation and data-gathering;
• 2016-2017: phase of the strategic plan development; construction, molding, implementation, and
monitoring through which the strategic plan is directed;
• 2017-2018: phase of expansion, continuity, reviewing and improvement, and achievement of the plan
• Post-2018: It is the phase of achievement of the most of our objectives even if a hundred percent of them is not achieved as in all strategic plans.

Thereafter, we will start a new phase which includes continuity and repositioning as per the variables in order to reach the desired goal.
During the last six months, we developed the strategic plan for our governorate with the assistance of experienced staff from the concerned departments in the governorate of Al Sulaymaniyah and planning committees. The development of this strategic plan is rich of valuable strategic objectives leading to expand relationships, improve experience and develop competencies at administrative and executive levels.
We value the great efforts in the development of the strategic plan. Gathering data, statistics, researches, and workshops were main features in the strategic plan development.

I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the efforts endeavored by all participating parties and all staff members and experts in the departments of Al Sulaymaniyah Governorate who made significant efforts under the economic crises and challenges, including the Peshmerga.
I would like, also, to extend our thanks and appreciation to the representatives of both the Ministry of Planning representatives and the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) who provided support and supervision during the plan development. Our sincere thanks, also, go to MEDAL Company for providing the technical support services.

May Iraq stay thriving and Peshmerga's head up


Dr. Naso Freedon Ali Ameen
Al Sulaymaniyah Governor