This document was prepared to complete the requirements of strategic administration system application for the Governorate pursuant to the best international practices, comprising the summary of the methodology of strategic development plan preparation, the future road map for the Governorate within the framework of international socio-economic transformation model and the scheme of strategic objectives of Sulaymaniyah Province which shows commitment to the Region vision and the model that is going to be used for the purposes of follow-up and assessment during the implementation of the plan projects.

This document aims at providing the concerned parties with a comprehensive idea about the objectives to be achieved and how to contribute in achieving the Vision of Kurdistan Region 2020.

Based on Sulaymaniyah Provincial Development Strategy and this document, Sulaymaniyah Province prepared an executive action plan with timeframe (2016-2018), in addition to a follow-up and assessment plan deciding the concerned committees and the roles of each committee and the performance reports it issues.

Timeline of economic and social transformation in Sulaymaniyah
Governorate within the strategic vision of Kurdistan Region