Strategic Goal

Improve Public Services offered to Citizens in; Environment management, Health, Housing, Culture, and Awareness.


Challenges and Corrective Interventions:



Policies to be adopted by the Province to Achieve the Goal:
1. Inclusion of environmental safety standards in the study of bids and making assignment decision.
2. Encouraging international organizations to carry out projects in the management and treatment of
    waste and the provision of pollution measuring devices and training employees on using them.
3. Encouraging partnership with the private sector in the field of environmental management.
4. Encouraging the publication of scientific research conducted by graduate students in collaboration with

Required Legislative Improvements:
1. Studying and developing the legislations on the supply of medicines.
2. Activating the Civil Service Law.
3. The development of the social security legislations.
4. Reviewing and developing investment law in respect of industrial projects to serve the development of the sector and the sustainability of resources and environment.
5. Reviewing and developing the qualitative measuring standards approved in the Region.

Proposed Project/s to the Regional Government:
1. Implementation of a number of partnership projects between the public and private sectors in order to raise the level of health services and improve their geographical distribution.
2. Developing an electronic system for health service sector to enable stakeholders to track the services provided through the smart card and the adoption of the national number.