Authorities involved in Actual Situation Analysis and Collecting Data

Sulaymaniyah Provincial Development Strategy

(2016 - 2018) Appendix II

Members of the Thematic Committees, Experts & Consultants Supported the Strategic Planning and the Stakeholders Consulted




A. Thematic Committees
B. Consultants and Experts
C: Consulted Stakeholders




A. Thematic Committees

Human Resources Development


B. Consultants and Experts

The following experts and consultants provided technical support and expertise to the steering committee, planning committee and thematic teams for the Provincial Development Strategy development process as part of a service contract with UNDP-Iraq under both; the Local Area Development Program and the Budget Execution Support Project for Kurdistan Regional Government
MEDAL: The International Directorate – USA, The Regional Directorate – Jordan – a Representative Office in Erbil-KRG and a Representative Office in Basrah – Iraq.


Experts of MEDAL:
1- Dr. Rana El-Akhal – CEO – MEDAL – a Strategic Planning and Local Development Expert and a Certified Quality Assessor at the European Foundation for Quality Management - Belgium
2- Dr. Ahmad Al Shoqran – Economic Development, Development Plans and Cities and Governorates Development Expert
3- Dr. Khalid Al-Wazani – Senior Economist and Economic Adviser at the Economic Policy Development Forum
4- Mr. Rami Abu Shamah – Governmental Performance Evaluation Expert – Former Member of the Government Performance Evaluation Committee of the Cabinet - Jordan
5- Mr. Ghazi Al-Daboubi – Management Reform, Human Resources Development and Vocational Education and Training expert



C: Consulted Stakeholders

Consultation meeting in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, April 22-24, 2014