This document has been prepared as a completion of the requirements of the Governorate's strategy management system application, in accordance with the international best practices. It includes a summary for the strategic development plan methodology and the future road map for the Governorate within the International Model of Socio-economic Transformation, and the Governorate’s strategic objectives scheme, which illustrates the link with the vision of Kurdistan and the model which will be used for the purposes of evaluation and follow up during the implementation of the plan’s projects

This document aims at providing stakeholders with a comprehensive view of the objectives to be achieved, and how they will contribute to accomplishing the Kurdistan Vision 2020

Based on the Provincial Development Strategy of the Governorate and this document, the Governorate prepared an executive work plan with a three-year timeframe (2016-2018), in addition to a follow up and evaluation plan to specify the concerned committees, the roles assigned to each and the progress reports they issue.