Strategic Goal

Adopt an advance crises management and early warning system measures warning indicators at all levels; social, economical, political and cultural.

Challenges and Corrective Interventions:



Policies to be adopted by the Province to Achieve the Goal:
1. Enhance the coordination between government directorates through regular coordinating meetings.
2. Encourage building up institutional knowledge and management of information between Erbil’s directorates.


Required Legislative Improvements
1. Issuing the necessary legislations to build an early warning system at the level of the Region, s linked to local databases for the indicators of early warning system.
2. Developing the legislations associated with crisis management legislation to raise the efficiency in crisis management and replacing confronting emergencies after their occurrence of emergency with an integrated and ongoing crisis management.


Proposed Project/s to the Regional Government:
1. To establish a council for early warning and crisis management, providing the necessary financial allocations for building the system, the training of personnel and the provision of the equipment and devices, along with preparing a long-term plan to establish and develop the system over the coming years.
2. Strengthening Department of statistics and support it with necessary staffing, training and financial resources, so it can fulfill her role and widen her scope to function as the essential regional data bank for the region and governorates.