Strategic Developmental Plan of Erbil Governorate For the years 2016-2018

Appendix 1

Roadmap of Strategic Dimensions and Objectives




This document is prepared to fulfill the requirements of implementing the strategic management of the Governorate in accordance with the international best practices. It includes a summary of the methodology of preparing the strategic development plan, the Governorate future roadmap within the global
model of social and economic transfer and the Governorate strategic objectives diagram which demonstrates the link between the Region’s Vision and the model to be implemented for the purposes of follow up and assessment during the implementation phase of the plan projects.

This document aims to provide the concerned with a comprehensive picture of the objectives to be achieved and how it will participate in achieving Kurdistan Region Vision 2020.

Based on the Governorate strategic development plan along with this document, the Governorate has prepared an executive action plan with a 3- year timeframe (2016-2018), in addition to a follow up and assessment plan identifying the concerned committees, their roles and achievement reports they issue.



Time phases for the economic and social transformation in Erbil within the strategic directions of Kurdistan Region




Work Methodology:

The determination of the strategic direction or the path that must be followed by Erbil in the coming years depends in its accuracy on the realistic analysis based on the historical dimension of the governorate, the available resources and facilities and development future aspirations. Hence, we have analyzed the environment's internal and external elements with all their components. In order to achieve the highest level of accuracy through analysis, a (PESTLE) analysis has been performed to the environment's external components within the following methodology:


About the Roadmap of Strategic Objectives:
Projects of Erbil strategic development plan for the years (2016-2018) are a step on the road of development and the comprehensive development of Erbil within the global model of social-economic transformation.

Erbil Strategic objectives are long term and will remain appropriate for post-2018 considering reviewing it at the time of updating the strategic plan for the period of time to come.
Erbil strategic objectives each performance indicator re linked to the strategic goals of Kurdistan Region Vision 2020, and system development indicators set by the Ministry of Planning.
Erbil strategic sixth goal "the adoption of a sophisticated system of crisis management" is linked to the other five goals.

Achieving any strategic objective will directly contribute in achieving one of the regional goals and indirectly to the achievement of all goals.


About the Roadmap of Strategic Objectives- “Cont’d”:
Each strategic objective is achieved through implementing a number of interventions "projects/ policies/ procedures", which fall under six major programs depending on the quality of intervention and the desired effect, namely: 1) amend laws, 2) restructuring and management, 3) the development of human resources, 4) Studies and Researches, 5) Awards and Media, and 6) art projects associated with the targeted program.


Adopting a systematic classification of interventions/ projects in action programs will enable Erbil to study and analyze the allocated budget and disbursed for each program separately, and each goal separately. this will make it easier to implement Result Oriented Budgeting. It is a principle adopted by the developed countries in the management and implementation of their budgets items.

Each strategic objective has a follow-up card describes the objective definition, performance indicators that will be used for monitoring and evaluating the achievement, group of interventions listed under each program and each goal, in addition to assumptions of the objective and the necessary data to measure achievement and its source.

Objectives cards will be used by Development Management Unit/ Strategic Management Unit to follow-up achievements and prepare the follow-up and assessment reports.


A Sample of the Strategic Objective Card for the Purposes of Follow Up: