Foreign Consultants and Experts

Appendix 2
Members of the Central Committees, Experts and Participating Entities


The following experts and consultants participated in the provision of technical support and expertise for Steering Committee, Planning Committee and Pivotal Committees during the process of preparing the plan. That was done through a project of implementing specialized consultation services for the benefit of UNDP-Iraq.

MEDAL: International Management- USA, Regional Management- Jordan- Kurdistan Representative
Office- Erbil, Iraq Representative Office- Basra


MEDAL Team of Experts:
1- Dr. Ranal Al Akhal- Executive Director- MEDAL- Strategic Planning and Local Development Expert and a certified quality assessor at European Institution for Quality Management- Belgium.
2- Dr. Ahmad Al Shoqran- Expert of Economic Development and Cities and Governorates Development Plans.
3- Dr. Khaled Al Wazani- Chief Economist and Economic Consultant at Economic Policies Development Forum.
4- Mr. Rami Abu Shamah- Government Performance Assessment Expert- Ex. Member in Government Performance Assessment Committee in the Cabinet- Jordan.
5- Mr. Ghazi Al Daboubi- Expert in Management, Human Resources Development and Vocational Education and Training.