Strategic Goal



Policies to be Adopted by the Province to Achieve the Goal:

1- Encouraging cultural events and establishing offices for event organization by facilitating and accelerating the necessary procedures.
2- Providing care and attention to artistic and cultural competitions that will enhance the status of Sulaymaniyah, as the Capital of Culture, in the Region.
3- Conducting regional and international cooperation agreements to achieve the vision of the Province, and increasing participation in regional and international cultural and artistic events held in the Province.


Legislative Improvements Needed:

1- Issuing the law on establishing the council of cultural, artistic and sports policies and determining  its tasks, including the development of a framework governing concerned institutions such as unions, centers, etc.

2- Issuing the law on establishing the culture-support Fund in the Sulaymaniyah Province, whereby a portion of the profits of the private sector is deducted in favor of the Fund to finance cultural, artistic and sports activities.

3- Reviewing and improving the law on registration of institutes, schools and offices of culture, in collaboration with the Investment Authority, to reduce the time needed for administrative procedures and investment cost.


Projects Proposed to the Kurdistan Regional Government:

1- Review and update of educational curricula of the various stages to include the promotion of Kurdish heritage, culture and arts.
2- Update of the structure of the Ministry of Culture and its directorates to promote decentralization and raise efficiency.