Current Situation:

The Sulaymaniyah is the highest province, in the Region and Iraq as well, in terms of education rates. The net enrollment rate in primary stage in the Sulaymaniyah reached 97.8% to be the highest in the Region, compared to the average of 91.2% for the Region and 89.1% for Iraq.

As for enrollment in the secondary stage, it dropped to 91%, but remains the highest as the average for the Region is 88.9%. Furthermore, the Sulaymaniyah recorded the highest literacy rates among the age group (12-24 years old) for both males and females, noting that males have a higher rate (95.9%) than females (88.1%).It is worth mentioning that the average for the Region for the same indicator is (92.3% for males and (81.6%) for females.

There is an obvious weakness in terms of education quality and no standardization and comparison process is currently in place for the quality of educational outcomes at different stages compared to other countries of the world. For example, English and Arabic languages remain a major obstacle for young people in cultural communication and lifelong learning, as well as responding to market needs, especially in light of the increase of foreign and Arab investments in the Sulaymaniyah and the Region.

Vocational education and training is considered one of the relatively weak areas that need more study and development to suit the current and future needs of the market, in line with the future trends and priorities referred to in the KRG vision 2020.