Strategic Goal

Rehabilitation and development of the potential of human resources to keep pace with development, modernity and leadership.





Policies to be Adopted by the Province to Achieve the Goal

1- Covering the quantitative shortage of schools and distribution by population density.
2- Expansion of some schools and rehabilitation of others to raise the average standard of classroom space per student in the various stages.
3- Encouraging the private sector to invest in vocational training centers and non-academic education that meets the skills required by the labor market.
4- Development of teachers’ competencies in modern teaching skills, communication, and research.


Legislative Improvements Needed:

Issuance of legislation regulating the improvement and control process of education quality in the Region, including capacity-building of teachers, creation of a performance measurement system that is linked to job promotion, and measurement of the efficiency of the education outcomes through approved international standards to be able to make qualitative comparisons.