Current Situation

The situation in the Sulaymaniyah Province during 2013 is considered good with respect to the proportion of households served by water and sewage networks, as 85% are served by the public water network and 83.1% by the public sewage network. The average daily supply of electricity amounted to 18.9 hours with variation between winter and Summer- and 93.4% of households are connected to a public power supply.

It is expected that these percentages have decreased slightly during 2014as a result of the sudden increase of population due to displaced families, who came to the Province from occupied territories during the battles against (ISIS).

The public transport provision is one of the major future plans and will have a positive impact on tourism and environment.
The status of roads and the coverage rate in the Sulaymaniyah is good, where the total length of paved roads reached 5.673 km, of which 1.309 km are main roads, 1.552 km are in the Province center, and 2.813km in rural areas.

However, public transport to and from the Province and other provinces in the Region is limited to small 5-passenger cars, varying in quality and general appearance.


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