Strategic Goal


Policies to be Adopted by the Province to Achieve the Goal:
1- Promotion and activation of laws relating to quality control.
2- Supporting eco-friendly investments and projects such as recycling, waste treatment, etc.
3- Ensuring effective participation of women and their representation in various committees when formed.


Legislative Improvements Needed:
1- Enforcement of the social security law and inclusion of the public and private sectors in it.
2- Approval of health insurance legislation for workers in the public sector.
3- Issuance of instructions that determine working hours for university students in the labor market based on a specialized study


Projects Proposed to the Kurdistan Regional Government:
1- Development of a comprehensive study to review and propose necessary amendments to social protection laws (Personal Status Law, Social Security Law, Child Protection Law, Labor Law, Personal Freedoms Law, Penal Code, Law on the Rights and Privileges of Persons with Special Needs, Protection of the unemployed and juveniles, violence against women, gender issues and needs, classification of persons with short stature and persons with disabilities, and aging care),
2- Review of issues relating to drug supply, medical logistics, and distribution of doctors in districts and sub-districts, in addition to making the necessary amendments to serve equitable distribution of services and prompt supply of necessary medication, especially for chronic diseases.
3- Preparation of a comprehensive system of electronic cards for the medical history of citizens to serve as a health database for the Region in order to be used later in the health insurance project.