Assumptions of Strategy Realization

Assumptions of Strategy Realization:

1- The ability of the Region to restore security stability as in 2012.
2- Stability of the budget and regional development allocations and the provision of the budget required for the implementation of the Strategy.
3- Increasing annual provincial allocations and powers granted to local governments.
4- Adoption of required corrective legislation by the Regional Government.
5- Discontinuation of displacement influxes to the Region and Province and finding radical solutions to the problem of displaced people currently in the Province.
6- Recovery from the current crisis of global low prices of oil barrels.
7- Continuation of the peaceful coexistence among the various segments of society in the Province.
8- Stability of natural conditions without any natural disasters that may occur in the next phase


Application Requirements of the Strategic Development Plan of the Sulaymaniyah Province and Performance Follow up and Assessment:

To enable successful implementation of the Strategic Development Plan of the Province, the following are a must:

1- Classification of proposed projects by priority and relevance to each other.

2- Set up of an administration unit of the Strategy in the Province to follow up implementation of the plan and be linked directly to the Governor’s office. The Unit shall have direct contact with the Governor, technical departments in ministries, and the concerned Directorate at the Ministry of Planning, where it shall be responsible for:


A- Preparation of project description cards for each project contained in the strategic plan.

B- Follow-up on the collection of financial allocations necessary for the implementation of projects through the investment budget and regional development budget, as well as any other possible financial resources allocated for specific regional strategies.

C- Review of the plan on periodic basis and suggestion of any necessary corrective changes.

D- Follow up with concerned bodies on the implementation of each project and measurement of performance indicators

E- Prediction of potential risks during implementation, to avoid interruption of projects and manage such risks in case they occur.

F- Preparation of the performance follow-up reports.

G- Coordination with the Ministry of Planning about performance indicators to supplement the Ministry with achievement results according to its requirements.

H- Preparation of internal assessment reports on the efficiency and effectiveness of implementation.

I- Provision of support to external assessors/ evaluators by providing all the data required for the preparation of the external assessment/ evaluation report.


3- Allocation of financial resources necessary for:

A- Capacity-building of the Strategy Administration Unit in the fields of strategic administration, follow-up, and assessment.

B- Creation of a database for development and performance indicators contained in the Strategic Development Plan.

C- Covering the operating expenses for the Unit, including the costs of movement to project sites, when needed, and follow-up meetings with concerned departments and institutions.

D- Implementation of the external assessment/ evaluation.